Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Eye Shadow Shades That Will Look Alluring With Different Colored Motorcycle Jackets

Eyes are undoubtedly the most expressive parts of one's face; they serve to vividly portray one's changing emotions in the most authentic manner. Regardless of whether you're feeling sad, somber, ecstatic or peaceful, your eyes will unmistakably display your innermost thoughts, moods and psychological state. Due to this reason, behavioral analysts pay close attention to eye movements while attempting to decipher the emotional complexities that govern an individual's behavior.

Every year, cosmetic industries invest millions of dollars in manufacturing gorgeous eye shadow shades! Similar to other forms of eye makeup, eye shadow is meant to enhance the beauty of one's eyes thereby making them appear irresistibly attractive. Thus, business women, models, actresses, aspiring female executives, successful female Olympic athletes, homemakers, kindergarten teachers and hip female bikers spend a considerable amount of time in selecting and skillfully applying the eye shadow shade that magnificently complements their personality.

For female bikers who can't quite decide which particular eye shadow colors would accentuate the magnetic appeal of their varied-colored motorcycle jackets, the following elaborate tips would be of immense use to them!

a) Due to its timeless appeal, most female bikers prefer the traditional black colored biker jacket. This type of jacket can be worn both with jeans and leather pants and looks exquisitely feminine and rugged. Dark eyeliner coupled with smoky eye makeup would make the wearer appear Gothic and sensual at the same time thereby contributing to the alluring aura of the black leather jacket.

For those of you who deem it appropriate to wear a black motorcycle jacket at night, gold or bronze-colored eye shadow would add an exotic aura to your eyes thereby highlighting your easygoing and yet adventurous temperament. Moreover, the shimmering golden shade would serve as a brilliant contrast to the soft, glossy black surface of your biker jacket.

b) Pink colored leather jackets are widely popular amongst funky, chic women! Hot pink eye shadow preferably with a shimmering finish will look incredibly girlish with a pink colored jacket.

Moreover, depending on one's skin tone and hair color, pale pink or peachy pink eye shadow beautifully blended on the eyelids will also serve to bring out the floral-like femininity of both the wearer and the pink colored biker jacket.

c) Innovative fashion trends have contributed to the massive popularity of purple motorcycle jackets for women amongst females of all age groups. Royal purple eye shadow or a soft fuchsia shade - named after the reddish or pinkish, purplish colored flowers of the fuchsia plant - will add a wow-factor to the purplish motorcycle jacket thereby making it appear breathtakingly unique and sultry!

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