Friday, July 20, 2012

What You Need To Know Before Buying a Dirt Bike

Getting a perfect dirt bike is like searching for a good suit. You need to make sure that it fits you just right. The right dirt bike is made just for your kind of riding terrain and what speed you are comfortable with. Riding this bike should feel... well, right. Finding the perfect bike is a perfect balance of knowing what one's skill level is, how often one intends to ride, where one rides and one's physical characteristics. Therefore, choosing one that is suitable for your biking needs depends on a number of factors.

What are dirt bikes?

Dirt road bikes are basically just like motorcycles, only that they have been solidly designed for riding across uneven terrain and rough tracks. Their suspensions and rugged tires are manufactured for the kind of hammering and battering that these motors are expected to endure. Their tires are made tougher than ordinary motorcycles in order to give maximum grip on the road surface, whether mud, tarmac or sand. These bikes are usually light in weight and can clear off the ground to considerable heights.

The following are the factors you need to consider before you buy your ride.

1. Level of experience

Your riding experience will determine what kind to buy. If you are a newbie rider with little experience, starting with one with low power is best. Power is measured in cubic centimeters (cc), so the lower the cc the better. The obvious advantage of less powered bikes is the lighter weight. Bikes with more power are heavier which makes them harder to handle.

2. Bike Size

To ride successfully, you need a bike that is the right size for your frame and experience. One's age also determines the size of bike you ride. Younger riders will need very small dirt bikes as they learn to help them gain confidence in their skills and stay safe. The right bike size for you can usually be established by checking whether you can keep your feet flat on the ground while seated on it without having to stand up.

3. Use

Knowing what use you will put your auto to; will help you decide what type of bike you want to buy. For racing purposes, gather as much information as you can from other riders, professional racers and attend racing events to find out why a particular brand is preferred over another. If you intend to use your motor for fun, figure out what kind of terrain you will use the ride on and work with that.

4. Price

There are many dirt bike manufacturers out there so do your homework in finding out who offers the best value for money. Shop around for great deals and don't ignore online dealers too. Make sure you know what you want before making your purchase to save yourself unnecessary trouble later on.

Observing these 4 important factors will help you make a wise selection to get you started on the unlimited fun you are sure to have riding your motor.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Prepare Your Motorcycle for Winter

Winter motorcycle preparation is important to help keep your motorbike running in tip top condition through the winter months. Don't get caught short, here is a list of thing to check and do before winter hits.


Fill the system with anti-freeze to protect your bike. If water alone is used, this can cause extensive and expensive damage as it freezes and expands. If the liquid in the system is clear, it most likely doesn't contain any anti- freeze at all, if you're not sure about its contents, flush the system and refill.


As we all know slippery roads require more grip and good tyres are essential for winter riding. Purchasing tyres that designed specifically for winter weather is always a good idea, to prevent your bike from slipping and giving the best road performance. Checking tyre pressure is essential as under inflated tyres can affect your bikes handling significantly.


With shorter days, if you're commuting to and from work these journeys will most likely be carried out with minimal light. Regularly check the lights on your bike and clean the lenses on a regular basis.


While making sure your bike is in perfect condition for winter riding is important, you also need to make sure you are as well. As the temperature drops, make you sure are wrapped up warm! Invest in protective weatherproof riding gear and wind proof yourself from head to toe. Being comfortable on your ride will is especially important in the cold. Make sure you wear something high visibility or reflective so that you can be seen when visibility is low.


If you are planning on sorting your bike away during the winter, keeping your bike protected from the cold weather while it is out of action is just as important to avoid forking out for costly repairs months later. Your motorbike needs to be protected from corrosion while it is not in use. Change the oil and the oil filter, as used oil contains corrosive substances. Flush and fill hydraulic lines, if this hasn't been done in the precious 10,000 miles. External components also need protection from corrosion, make sure your bike has been washed, dried, wax and grease any moving parts. Finally, make sure you fill your bike with fresh fuel, mixed with a stabiliser to avoid clogging the system.

Lock your motorbike away securely in a garage or storage unit. This will act as a barrier to the cold weather, protecting your bike and its components. If you don't have a storage unit, it is worthwhile investing in one for the added protection that they provide. A range of secure motorcycle storage is available from Asgard, offering the best protection from winter weather and theft, leaving your bike dry, safe and ready to ride when the weather gets better.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Benefits of Saddlebag Support Systems

Bikers love to travel and carry their stuff along. They are passionate about having the best accessories that offer great utility. Saddlebag support systems serve as the right choice for bikers who wish to keep their saddlebags in the best shape even after years of use. The look offered to heavy bikes by a leather saddlebag is simply fabulous and much better in contrast to the plastic and fiberglass counterparts. Therefore, it is very important to care for the saddlebags and replace them whenever required to improve the look of the bike. Saddlebags are made of leather and are perfect to be used in heavy bikes and cruisers.

Saddlebags shrink or lose their shape over a period of time due to which they need to be replaced. Instead of replacing them, you can use the saddlebag support systems and install the accessories on your own. When you opt for the support system, you do not have to worry about purchasing a new bag whenever the saddlebag loses its shape. You will be pleased to know that many sellers are nowadays offering the support systems to their clients at an affordable price. A warranty is offered too so that you do not have to worry about the maintenance of the saddlebag. The support system consists of the best quality adhesives, stiffeners, lid inserts and utility pouches. The use of stiffeners greatly reduces the sagging effect ultimately increasing the life of saddlebags. Likewise, the use of saddlebag lid inserts offer the necessary strength and rigidness to the bags.

The saddlebag support systems have adhesives for installing the lid inserts. This is very popular among people who are concerned about their saddlebags while travelling. Before installing the motorcycle saddlebag accessories, do not fail to take the exact dimensions where you will install it. The size of the saddlebag will depend entirely on the measurements taken. The best technology is used for the manufacture of the saddlebag support system so that the saddlebag does not lose its shape even after a bumpy bike ride. While choosing the accessories for installation, make sure that it does not have a negative impact on the aesthetic appeal of your bike. In case you are looking for the best accessories for your bike, you can find them easily at various online stores. You can get a complete list of accessories and their prices by checking out these stores. To know more about the products, you can directly mail or call up their customer care executives.

If you have a Harley Davidson, then having the best leather saddlebag is a must for you. To increase the life of your saddlebag, you will also require the saddlebag support systems. The systems maintain the beauty and style that these bags offer. You can prevent them from getting a saggy look and restore them with the use of stiffeners. The support system is available at a truly affordable price and you can buy it right away. It is possible to enhance your riding experience with the use of these systems.

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Nail Polish Shades That Will Add A Sparkling Glow To Your Motorcycle Pants

In recent years, male stars and celebrities such as Johnny Depp and David Beckham have frequently been spotted wearing nail polish in public; nonetheless, experimenting with different nail polish shades remains more or less a feminine domain! Chosen after considerable pondering and reflection, a nail polish shade that complements one's attire adds a touch of sophistication, style and beauty to one's overall demeanor.

According to well-reputed fashion divas and highly acclaimed beauty specialists, nail enamel shades should be changed in accordance with seasonal transitions. Light and flowery shades are usually the preferred choices for spring and summer whereas, dark, deep tones are perceived as being the most fashionable choice for fall and winter.

Female bikers who love donning a bright pair of motorcycle pants can experiment with a wide range of trendy nail enamel colors. Stylistically speaking, less traditionally colored biker pants afford greater opportunity with regard to selecting sensationally fashionable nail polish shades. Highlighted below are some of the gorgeous nail varnish shades that will look irresistibly beautiful with the varied-colored women biker pants.

a) If you like wearing racy red-colored motorcycle pants for women, you should opt for the classic red nail varnish shade. Evocative of underlying passion and femininity, impeccably painted deep red nails will make you appear both desirable and bold, thereby adding a modern feminist vibe to your personality!

The best thing about red nail varnish is that it will look equally attractive with the traditionally colored black bike pants as well!

b) Any woman who is well-versed in fashion will emphasize upon the utmost necessity of owning a soft pink nail polish shade. Breathtakingly feminine and seemingly fragile, pink color highlights the emotional sensitivity often attributed to women. Thus, a soft pink nail enamel tone will beautifully complement a pair of well-fitted, light-pink bike pants for women!

For more adventurous females, neon pink nail enamel will also look quite sleek with bright pink colored leather pants.

c) Purple bike pants have been in vogue amongst the more artistically oriented and non-conformist female bikers since the 70s. To add more style to these pants, you can select from amongst the luscious lavender, bright and soft purple shades available at various cosmetics stores. For increased glamor and sophistication, the chic purple nail polish comes in both metallic and matte finishes.

d) For those of you who love to wear brown leather pants, the inviting nude-colored nail varnish would look absolutely stunning! However, if you want to opt for a more sparkly look, a glittery-bronze shade would look equally spectacular!

If you want additional information regarding well-engineered Motorcycle Pants, or are interested in varied-colored Motorcycle Pants for Women then thoroughly read and reflect on this article.