Thursday, November 29, 2012

Crash Protection for Supermoto Bikes Make Riding Safe


One of the most vulnerable parts of you body in a crash are your hands. An unfortunate situation during a crash is the tendency for a riders hand to get pinned under the end of the handlebar, which can destroy the fingers. By installing handguards, you'll provide some much needed protection. Just remember when going down to keep your grip.


When you crash-and you will-the parts of your Supermoto that are the most likely to impact the ground are the front fork ends, rear swingarm and axel, the handlebar ends, and your pegs. Protective sliders are available to help protect all these vulnerable contact points.

Axel Sliders

When laying the bike down, Axle sliders protect you swingarm and the ends of your forks from getting scratched. In fact, sliders are required by many racing organizations and tracks to protect their pavement. Of course they protect your bike too. Add sliders to your bike for maximum protection.

Skateboard Wheel Sliders

Back when Supermoto was just catching on, someone figured out he could add some crash protection by affixing skateboard wheels to the ends of his axles. On hollow axles (most of them are) stick a threaded rod through each of your axles and mount the skateboard wheels (4 total) on both sides of each with washers and nuts. Not the best look in the world, or the most durable, but they offer some protection during a crash.

Supermoto Engineering Axle Sliders

Strong and lightweight, These sliders use gold anodized aluminum nuts a stainless steel threaded rods. When the bike hits the pavement they don't get scratched up because they're recessed. They cost more than the aforementioned skateboard sliders, but they look better, work well, and will last longer too.

Supermoto Engineering Peg Sliders

Constructed from the same durable materials as the axel sliders (above), these sliders protect your footpegs, and they assist when turning at extreme angles by providing a terrific sliding surface. Many crashes are caused by gouging pegs into pavement surfaces on bikes without them.

Supermoto Engineering Bar End Slider

Utilizing the same materials again, bar end sliders are available in black or white and are designed to protect your handguards and handlebars, both of which are highly susceptible during crashes.

Radiator Braces

If you own a Supermoto with an engine cooled by liquid, crashes can really damage your radiator. Worse, they are extremely expensive to replace. Stainless steel radiator braces can provide some much needed protection by reinforcing your radiator and preventing it from getting folded up during a crash.

Bobbie J. is a freelance writer for Christini, makers of superior all wheel drive Supermoto motorcycles. Visit the Christini website for more information about Supermoto.

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