Wednesday, March 27, 2013

17 Things to Check Before Buying a Used Car

Buying a used car is a nerve-wracking experience for many people. There's an ever-present fear that a used car will be a lemon, costing hundreds or thousands in unexpected maintenance. Much of this stress can be dealt with by following a simple checklist when shopping for a new used car.

1. Tires: Look for worn tread and flat spots. All tires should be the same size and brand.

2. Body: Check that all body panels are the same color, and free of rust and other serious imperfections. Also, check that the seams between panels are aligned properly. Body work usually means there's a significant accident in the vehicle's past. You can run a magnet over the exterior to test that there are no plastic replacement pieces.

3. Windshields: Check for cracks and impacts. Make sure that the windows roll up and down without leaving gaps.

4. Lights: Test all the headlights, brake lights, hazard lights and turn signals.

5. Fluids: Look underneath the car for leaks. Check the oil and coolant levels. Ask to see the oil change history for the life of the vehicle.

6. Engine: Listen to the sound of the motor. Chugging and knocking may mean the engine is out of tune. A smoothly running engine should produce no odors.

7. Battery: Check for corrosion on the terminals. Check the age of the battery.

8. Exhaust: Blue or black exhaust indicates trouble with the engine.

9. Suspension: Push down on each corner of the car. There should be no squeaking. The resistance should be the same at each corner, and the car should rest level.

10. Seats: Look for stains and cracks.

11. Interior: Check for odors, stains, rips and tears -- everywhere in the vehicle.

12. Trunk: Make sure the trunk opens and closes freely. If there's a trunk light, make sure that it turns off and on as it should.

13. Doors: Test every door for easy opening and closing.

14. Safety Features: Test every seat belt. If the car has airbags, be sure than none have been previously deployed (making them useless).

15. Transmission: Gears shift smoothly. In an automatic, gears shift at the appropriate RPM.

16. Steering: Check that the vehicle goes straight when the steering wheel is straight. If the car has power steering, there should be only minor resistance in the wheel.

17. Brakes: Car stops smoothly without pulling to one side or the other. Brakes do not squeak or chatter. Stop on a slope and check that the parking brake works as expected.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

The All-New 2013 Honda Civic: Bringing Something New to the Table

While the 2012 Honda Civic didn't exactly have what it takes to surpass the competition, its features are enough to earn it a good second place in's list of top compact cars for 2011. However, things definitely started to get a lot better when Honda decided to rework the Civic shortly after giving it a complete redesign! So, what makes the 2013 Honda Civic a good candidate for the number one spot in its class? Here are some exciting new features that will give the competition a run for their money.

What Makes the 2013 Honda Civic a Clear Winner?

While the 2012 Civic managed to land one of the top spots in its class, thanks to its terrific gas mileage, luxurious cabin, outstanding reliability and top safety scores, the 2013 Civic decided to push the bar even further by enhancing the Civic's exterior to give it a little more character. The manufacturers also upgraded its interior to provide an even more luxurious feel, added exciting new technological features to keep it up to date and did the necessary tweaks to enhance the overall driving experience. Is there anything more you can possibly ask for?

A New Improved Exterior

While it is still far from being at par with a Ferrari when it comes to looks, the 2013 Civic is definitely a lot better as compared to the earlier model. The Civic now has a more bulbous hood and a more expensive looking rear. It also features the right amount of chrome accents to make it look sportier and more distinctive.

A More Luxurious Interior

Thankfully, all the cheap plastic materials that used to define the interior space were replaced with far better materials. As a result, the 2013 Civic now boasts of new soft-touch materials on the upper door treatment and instrument panel, tricot headliner, a soft-touch dash pad and nice chrome trimming surrounding the buttons.

Expanded Standard Features List

With its expanded standard features list, the new Civic is now more in line with its competitors. The base model now features a rear view camera, Bluetooth wireless connectivity, text message functionality and Pandora radio connectivity.

Mechanical Revisions for a More Enhanced Driving Experience

As if these updates were not enough, Honda decided to recalibrate the Civic's suspension and steering for a more predictable handling, installed larger anti-roll bars and stiffer front springs to suppress the car's tendency to lean into corners, and used thicker windshields, stiffer front sub-frame and additional sound-proofing to provide a quieter ride.

With these updates on top of the existing superb features of the Honda Civic, the 2013 Civic is clearly out to take the lead. Are you ready to take it for a ride?

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