Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Creation of Auto Glass

Auto glass starts out just like all other glass products. It is made from an amorphous solid material that is typically very brittle and optically transparent. Many items are made from this material including windows in homes and offices, drinking vessels, and pretty items used to decorate the home. Almost all items that are created from this substance have the common factor of sand.

Soda lime glass is the most familiar substance used in making the drinking vessels and windows, and even auto glass. The big problem with the sods lime substance is that it is brittle, and when it breaks it breaks into large pieces that can injure people severely. To be used as auto glass the substance needs to be harder to break than the average drinking vessel is. The soda lime substance must be tempered before it can be used as windshields in automobiles, or as doors on commercial properties.

The tempered variety of this soda lime substance is much harder to break than the original version is. With the material in its original state you can easily break it with very little force. Once the material is tempered you can barely break it unless you manage to strike it on the very edge of the piece. The tempering process makes the material stronger and it also makes the material break into small pieces when it does break instead of into large sections. Small pieces cause less damages to humans when they come into contact with them.

In order to temper the material it is gotten hot to the point of melting, and then it is cooled very slowly. This variety of the familiar material is called annealed glass. During this process the strength of the material is made to be ten times what it was originally. The heating and cooling of this material takes place in a leer, which is a type of kiln.

This special kiln is needed to bring the substance to the annealing temperature or annealing point. At this temperature the substance is still too hard to release from its formed shape, but it is soft enough that all of the stresses it contains can relax. Once this point has been reached the item will be allowed to soak up heat until it is an even temperature throughout. Once the heat soaking process is complete the substance is cooled to a temperature that is less than the strain point. Once this temperature has been achieved it is safe for the item to be quickly dropped to room temperature. At this time the piece can be drilled, cut to size, or polished.

Auto glass is put through the annealing processes for the added strength, but mainly for the safety features annealed glass has. When a window in a car is broken it breaks into those tiny little pieces that are less likely to cause deadly injuries. The officials that oversee the production of cars and automobiles require that the safety variety be installed.

Friday, January 4, 2013

2013 Hyundai Azera Review for Carlsbad California

2013 Hyundai Azera

This flagship sedan features Hyundai's new generation Lambda II 3.3-liter GDI V6 engine paired with a six-speed transmission, technologically advanced safety equipment and amazing fuel economy for its class and level of performance. The 2013 Hyundai Azera is the perfect family sedan for the discerning Carlsbad or Oceanside professional who desires reflected in the best possible light.

The exterior of the Azera is long, light and low with a unique beltline that allows for a long, sleek roofline accented by the third window and wraparound LED taillights. A uniquely inspired mono-form side profile includes beautiful flowing lines in the rear quarter panel. The face of the Azera is powerful looking with a winged chrome grille and HID headlamps that demand attention. The aggressive stance of this 2013 offering from Hyundai is completed by available 19-inch multi-spoke wheels.

The elegance of the Azera continues inside with an upscale ambiance and a flow-through center fascia and instrument panel creating an extremely functional and comfortable dual-cockpit front passenger space. The design of the 2013 Azera focuses heavily on luxurious interior details, such as the expansive optional panoramic sunroof, which allows an abundance of natural light into the cabin and the 3D Carbon interior accents compliment the Azera's modern outward appearance.

The 2013 Azera delivers luxury first-class seating for all passengers, with quality leather seating as standard equipment along with ten-way power driver and eight-way front passenger seat. The driver's seat of the Azera also has an optional cushion extension and memory system for the seat, steering wheel and side mirrors to save your optimal comfort settings.

The Azera is powered by the new Lambda II 3.3-liter Gasoline Direct injection (GDI) V6 engine and in-house six-speed automatic transmission delivering 293 horsepower at 6400 RPM, the 2013 Azera improves Combined Fuel Economy to 24 MPG, and Highway Fuel Economy to 30 MPG. This impressive blend of performance and fuel economy makes the 2013 Azera the first V6 powered Hyundai to achieve 30 MPG Highway.

The GPS Navigation System in the 2013 Azera includes a seven-inch WVGA screen, three months of XM Satellite Radio, Real-time XM NavTraffic, XM NAV Weather, XM Sports Ticker and XM Stock Ticker. Hyundai also offers the amazing clarity of digital HD Radio Technology Bluetooth Hands-free Phone System as a standard feature in the Azera. The system also features 8GB of flash memory and comes paired with a high tech sound system that plays CDs, accesses digital music files via Bluetooth streaming audio or allows driver and passengers to access their own personal playlists through the iPod/USB/auxiliary inputs. Bluetooth audio also wirelessly streams music from select mobile phones to the head unit while Bluetooth-enabled phones also allow Azera drivers to look up a local restaurant and call ahead for reservations before plotting the route.

The 2013 Azera represents a bold and advanced approach to traditional thought of a large sedan, simultaneously delivering power, efficiency, and luxury features wrapped in an incredibly bold design. Hyundai continues to deliver the highest levels of luxury, performance, and efficiency, all brought together in the acclaimed design of the 2013 Azera.