Thursday, August 9, 2012

Economics of Scooters

Are you considering buying a scooter moped? There are pros and cons to scooters. Each of these will have a different importance to each of us:

• Open air riding. Hopping on a bicycle will give you the open air ride, but to be powered and ride at twice the speed give a good feeling of freedom and excitement (depending upon the speed!)

• Weather. Sometimes the weather doesn't agree with out riding schedule. If you rode your scooter to work in great weather, but it's rainy or stormy at quitting time, you may want to put in a little overtime to wait out the weather, if possible.

• Cheap Scooters. Whether you purchase a scooter from a storefront dealer, or pay half the price for one through an internet store, you will still be saving money over buying an auto. The fuel economy is another cost savings, obviously, with 50cc scooters getting about 100mpg, 150cc getting about 80mpg and 250cc getting about 50mpg. This varies greatly, depending on your riding style, just like driving a car.

• Maintenance complications. If you purchase your scooter from a storefront, you should have no problem getting them to service it, though I have a friend that would argue against that point. If you purchased your scooter from an online store, you will get the shop to determine the problem and needed parts; then get the parts from your online dealer, and provide to the shop for repair. Also, being a small engine, you may be able to take care of such simple things as changing the oil or preparing it for a snooze during the winter.

• Safety. You will have to be more responsible on a scooter than driving a car. You must be alert to what other drivers are doing and avoid incidents. Not many car drivers wear a helmet

• Ecology. Scooters can be much friendlier to the environment, if well maintained. Using less gas is the first thought, but weighing less than cars also reduces the maintenance on roads.

• Parking. It is much easier to park a scooter. Sometimes we see them parked on sidewalks, alongside bicycles. Just make sure you lock your scooter.

• Style and popularity. The variety of styles of scooters and the ability to modify to the colors you like brings a lot of fun to scooting. You can be as unique as you wish. Choose between the classic European style, or the Racer style, among many. Scooters are also gaining in popularity recently. People find that scooting to the neighborhood store is more fun than starting up the car.

So, there are many things to consider when looking for a scooter. Consider practicing on one, or renting a moped, to determine the size that suits you.

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